Rerum Imperator Tempus

(Time is the ruler of all things)



     The Worlds Finest Grandfather  Hall Clocks

Thank you so very much for taking the time to inquire about Herschede.  It takes a special kind of discernment and a special kind of person to know, appreciate and own a Herschede.  With this tremendous pride, your inquiry identifies you as such a person.  Although most clock movements look alike, there's a vast difference in how they transfer accuracy to the hands and music from the chimes.  Herschede, cable-wound tubular bell movements have been the finest clock movements since the turn of the century and remain so to this day.  They were made right here in America.  Herschede is in fact the world's finest Grandfather Clock and is highly desired and collectable. It is superior to all Grandfather Clocks and are incomparable.  Herschede Hall Clocks have withstood the test of time and has redefined the meaning of luxury.  The best or nothing.  


These are hand selected Herschede Clocks that are prepared to outlive their owners.  Special arrangements are made to give white glove delivery throughout the United States.  We are the world's only and largest selection of Herschede Hall Clocks.  Herschede luxury Grandfather Clocks will forever elevate the expectations of the world's most discerning time piece.  Serious inquires only.



Covenant is currently in the process of locating the ideal property for the new home of our House of Herschede Museum which will be located in Portland, Oregon.  The Museum will preserve American clock history along with the most prominent, largest and only display of Herschede Hall Clocks.


Herschede....... Gold Medal Winning Clocks 1885-1984 



Discover the experience of Herschede ownership.  Covenant application agreements  are currently being

accepted for the ownership of a Herschede.  For more information on  Herschede, please contact us



The House of Herschede is a program of CCR an  Oregon based LLC 



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